How to Hit a Double End Bag

Like any other exercise, working out with a double end bag requires proper form and training. You need to learn how to punch the bag and become familiar with hitting it without hurting yourself before you can advance to more complicated workout routines utilizing the bag.


  • Wear Proper Gloves – Proper gloves are either 14oz or less boxing gloves commonly called “bag gloves” because they are great for practice or sparring but not legal for actual in-ring fighting. Alternatively, MMA style gloves are appropriate. An experienced fighter who wants a quick workout at home might get away with taped fists, but it really isn’t recommended because tape doesn’t provide the level of protection for your hands that gloves do.
  • Ball Position – The ball should be positioned at shoulder height. Although it resembles a speed bag, the double end bag provides different workouts and develops different skills.
  • Cord Tightness – Start with a tighter cord to learn how to hit the bag and react to the lesser but faster movement it has under tension. It is generally easier to hit at higher tension because the movements are fairly predictable. Once you become comfortable with your ability to hit the bag repeatedly, loosen the cords to provide more unpredictable movements which require you to react as you would when boxing an actual person.
  • Start Small & Quick – When learning the double end bag, use short small punches, learn to control your combinations, and develop a rhythm. Remember, the double end bag is intended to develop speed and accuracy, not power punches. Power punch workouts are also important, but useless in the ring if you don’t have the grace and finesse to actually land them.
  • Best Punches – Although you aren’t working with power punches, it is important to train with all the punches in your arsenal to learn how to build efficient combinations which will baffle your opponents. The jab, cross, hook, and uppercut are standard baseline punches to develop in alternate combinations so you’ll be ready to use them in the ring however the situation calls for.

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