Director/Principal’s Desk

Ms. Babita Prasad Singh

Director cum Principal

I have had the privilege of being associated with Trinity Global School since its inception and thus have been part of its wonderful journey. I have witnessed the school evolve to become one of the best schools in Patna with a very sound infrastructure and strong pedagogical fundamentals.

Experience: 20 years


Phone: +91 458 654 528

Diversity of Experiences

Trinity Global School seeks to ensure holistic development of our children- a mission clearly reflected in our comprehensive educational program starting from Montessori to Grade XII. The well-managed fine facilities at Trinity allow us to impart quality education to our children and young learners. We share the belief that learning should be exciting, joyful and memorable.

 Trinity Global School not only enriches children with knowledge but sincerely and steadfastly aims at mentoring and inculcating in them a sense of discipline and a set of values that would enable them to step into society as confident and responsible citizens.

 TGS also seeks to provide an enabling environment for the development of co-curricular and sporting activities, designed to bring out every child’s potential and to help them realize it to the fullest.

To be the best, one has to adapt and our commitment to bettering ourselves can be seen through the school’s attempts to keep pace with the changing times, specifically, with the rapid developments in technology. We continuously strive to create and implement the best methods of imparting education by adapting to ever evolving and innovative education systems.

I would be remiss to leave out the role of Trinity Global School’s teaching and support staff who ensure the well-being of both the institution and the children. We have a highly motivated team of mentors who always strive to bring out the best in your child by realizing and acknowledging the fact that each child is unique with tremendous potential to grow and learn.

 As we continue our sincere pursuit of creating the best life pathways for our children, our entire team at TGS would like to thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education.

Expertise & Skills

My Skill


I’ve spent years figuring out the “formula” to teaching technical skills in a classroom environment, and I’m really excited to finally share my expertise with you.

I can confidently say that my online courses are without a doubt the most comprehensive ones on the market.

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