Gym Code of Conduct

  1. Respect and Obey Trainers and Coach at all times
  2. Only sports or boxing shoes permitted inside the gym
  3. Smoking/Chewing Gum/Drugs/Alcohol/Weapons not permitted inside the gym
  4. Do not leave your personal/boxing equipment behind after training. Gym is not responsible for your belongings.
  5. Keep your phones and other valuables inside your training bag and keep your bag in the designated place.
  6. Return all equipment to its place after use.
  7. Wipe floor/yoga mats after working out
  8. Use your sweat towels during training
  9. Cell phone usage is not permitted inside the gym
  10. Pay up promptly for any gym purchases
  11. Dispose waste in bins provided and keep washroom clean at all times
  12. Do not use foul language inside the gym. Stay calm at all times
  13. Start and End your training on time every time
  14. If you have any health concern , inform the Coach immediately
  15. Wearing of Finger/Nose/Ear Rings and Neck chains is not permitted during training
  16. Keep hair short and finger/toe nails clipped
  17. Unsupervised sparring or use of gym equipment not permitted
  18. Punch in/out your gym attendance
  19. Gym is under CCTV monitoring at all times
  20. Provide your feedback if any to the trainers/coach . Same for any complaints
  21. Park your vehicles safely
  22. Keep your helmets / non gym footwear in the area provided outside training area
  23. Wearing of eye glasses or contact lenses is not permitted during training.
  24. Members are not permitted to wear jewelry of any kind e.g. Rings / Bracelets / Chains, etc while training.
  25. Ring sparring is serious business . Prepare for injuries. You are not allowed to spar if you have not submitted the injury disclaimer form.


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