Timings : Adherence to the session timings and other timings is absolutely mandatory unless there is an emergency.


Respect : Respect coaches by obeying their command and do not misuse the equipment that you are using eg. Kicking punching bags etc


Code of conduct : Read , understand and obey at all times the code of conduct displayed inside the gym


Attire : Train only in proper attire eg. Track pants / shorts and sports tees or boxing uniform inside the ring. Use proper sports shoes or boxing shoes . Do not use cotton clothing. Don’t be bare chested inside the gym.


Personal looks : No long hair unless braided or body piercings are permitted


Phones : Use of phones is not permitted inside the gym. Keep your phones on the silent mode or use them outside the gym if only required.


Behaviour : Very high standard of behaviour – No arrogance or use of insulting / abusive language or gestures / No offensive behaviour relating to race , religion , age , gender or sex.


Training : Work hard and train hard , learn from others , don’t expect personal attention , don’t complain and don’t whine . Step outside the gym for conversations beyond boxing.


Equipment : Take good care of the equipment that you are using be it the gyms or your own. Do not throw your gloves , wraps and mouth guards anywhere and everywhere.

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