Boxers put their hands through hard strains of training every day. Therefore, it’s critical to carefully preserve the most crucial tools. 

When it comes to boxing gloves, protection comes first because even the smallest adjustment, improper punch connection, or incorrect movement can result in serious injury to any boxer.



Knuckle Guards have been proven to be essential equipment to have in your gym bag for every session based on sports science research and an awareness of the everyday routines that fighters engage in once they step foot inside the gym.



Boxers are forced to stop their full training and postpone their immediate plans to enter the ring due to hand injuries, particularly any to the knuckles. Without the proper hand protection, fighters are more likely to sustain unintentional wounds at the worst conceivable moments. The Department for Health’s study on “The Pathology of Boxing Injuries” showed that knuckle injuries took the longest to heal from.


Hand injuries are among the most frequent among professional boxers, according to a research. The Southern Medical Article conducted the study, which was written about in the journal “Injury Risk in Professional Boxing.” Early in the 20th century, gloves were used in battle to lessen hand and head injuries.



A fighter must be at ease when throwing shots during practise and sparring. A problem with your glove or hand wraps diverts attention from what is in front of you. “Boxer’s knuckle,” an injury to the extensor tendon hood of the metacarpal-phalangeal joint, is the most common injury to occur without further safety precautions.


Knuckle Guards include defined finger channels that allow the wrap to be pulled back to compress the knuckles as needed. Therefore, once the hands have been wrapped, the guards are secured into place to prevent any movement, eliminating any chance that the knuckles may get exposed and become injured as a result.



With faith in the safety provided by trained professionals, worries about injuries in the run-up to a big fight are set aside. When the bell rings beneath the bright lights, punching with all of one’s might and extension can be done without worrying about negative consequences. A fighter may safely and effectively deliver strikes while being confident that protection is guaranteed, doing so without any hesitation or self-doubt.



Knuckle guards for boxing training include all the necessary safety features, but utilising them also saves time and yet provides the finest hand wrap protection. 

Users will spend a tiny fraction of the time necessary to prepare their hands for training, along with a professional grade hand wrap that allays any concerns about injuries. 


In boxing, your hands are your primary weapons for both attacking and defending, therefore you must take every precaution to stay as safe as possible. No more aching knuckles or swollen hands; only relentless effort.

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