It is important to learn some of the basic boxing moves, such as the slip and roll.


The slip is an effective defensive head movement intended to get you out of the path of an oncoming straight punch from your opponent. Slipping can cause your opponent to miss their punch while, in turn, putting your body in balance for a counter punch.

To Slip: start in your boxing stance with your fists up to guard. If your opponent throws toward your right side, rotate from your waist to the left, drop your left shoulder, bend your knees, and crunch to the left to slip outside the line of your opponent’s shot.

Repeat on the right side if your opponent throws to the left.


The roll is another effective defensive movement used to avoid your opponent’s hooks by bending your knees and shifting the weight from the lead side to the backside, and vice versa (rolling in vs. rolling out).

To roll: start in your boxing stance. As your opponent throws a shot like a hook, for example, send your hips back and bend your knees like a squat, then shift your body weight from one leg to the other as you rise back up.

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