Advantages & Benefits

Advantages & Benefits

The intended use of a double ended bag is to work on hand speed, footwork, and timing. Because the bag is attached by bungee cords at each end, it can be confusing how to use it correctly. Here are some tips to get the most out of a double end bag.

  • Punching Speed – Although the double end bag works a little differently than the speed bag, it can perform the same function. Simply tighten the cords and keep punching it each time it returns from the last punch.
  • Punching Power – The double end bag isn’t really the best way to practice power punches, but you can incorporate a few power punches into your routine with the bag. Doing so will help you understand when and how to incorporate your power punch in an actual fight in the ring or with a sparring partner.
  • Punching Accuracy – When you view the bag casually, it seems fairly large and certainly a size you can’t miss with a standard punch. Once you start getting tired and are watching it move around randomly each time you hit it, it gets a little harder. The process will acclimate you to the idea of hitting a moving target after you’re tired, and maintaining proper form throughout a fight even when it means ignoring how tired you really are.
  • Rhythm & Timing – The biggest key to getting a great workout from a double end bag is to focus on rhythm and timing, as that is what is needed to continue to hit the bag each time it swings toward you.
  • Reflexes – Once the cords have been loosened, the bag will jump around in ways you never would have expected. You will build quick reflexes as you learn how to react rather than anticipate the bag’s movements, and this will carry over to when you are in a ring fight or trying to overcome a sparring partner.
  • Endurance – Any workout is good for endurance, but some are designed more toward muscle growth and other are cardiovascular in nature. The double end bag requires fast footwork and rapid repetitive hand motions, so it builds muscle and promotes endurance.
  • Improve Footwork – Your footwork is guaranteed to improve simply because the double end bag swings back at you, it has what is essentially a counter attack built into its very design and function. You can move your head and block with your arms, but eventually you have to use footwork for defense and to set up your next punch.

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