• Association with Army for Boxing Training

    Rox Boxing Gym is associated with the Army’s Madras Engineering Group which is the ground zero for Indian Army boxers.

    We train with the MEG boxing team to help serious boxers at the gym to improve their boxing skills and endurance levels.

    Rox Boxing Gym is also proud to be associated with Capt Muniswamy Venu of the MEG, 1972 Munich Olympics Quarter Finalist who graces the gym to coach boxers.

  • Association with Karnataka Amateur Boxing Association:

    Rox Boxing Gym is also associated with the Karnataka Amateur Boxing Association.

    We train with the KABA team to help serious boxers at the gym to improve their boxing techniques and also participate in local competitions.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Rox Boxing Gym is proud to support the cause of Indie Dogs. We have been actively involved in rescuing and adopting several Indie dogs.

About The Founder

Rakesh S – From an Army Captain to Boxing Coach

Rox Boxing Gym – An endeavor, birthed purely out of love of and passion for boxing by Ex. Capt Rakesh. S for whom the love of sport began when he was a kid and stayed with him.

After serving the Armed Forces and thereafter the Corporate for several years during which time his passion for boxing extended to long distance running, cycling and high altitude mountaineering, the crossroads of life bought him back to his love for Boxing coaching and training and thus was born the Rox Boxing Gym.

Rox Boxing Gym was founded by Rakesh S on 10th April 2018.

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