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Rakesh S – From an Army Officer to Boxing Coach

Rox Boxing Gym – An endeavor, birthed purely out of love of and passion for boxing by Ex. Capt Rakesh. S for whom the love of sport began when he was 12 years of age and stayed with him. ” He trained in the Artillery Center under Coach Dennis Swamy the ” Ring King ” who was 8 times National Champion and Arjuna Award Winner.”

After serving the Armed Forces and thereafter the Corporate for several years during which time his passion for sports and outdoors led him to participate in multiple marathons / long distance cycling and high altitude mountaineering expeditions. After ending his corporate career in 2018 , his passion for boxing lead him to establish the Rox Boxing Gym in Bangalore.

Rox Boxing Gym was founded by Rakesh S on 10th April 2018.

Naship – Senior Trainer & Manager

Naship has over 10 years experience in boxing. He is a State Gold Medallist. He was a part of the Army Boys Sports Team and has participated in several tournaments. He has been a trainer for several years. 

Sumanta Meitei – Senior Trainer

Over 10 years boxing experience. Four times , Gold medallist in Manipur and Karnataka State and National ( SAI ) Level.

Prem Kumar – Trainer

Bronze & Silver Medallist. Manipur State Gold and Silver medallist. Karnataka State Silver medallist.

Vibhuti Jain – Nutritionist

Vibhuti Jain is a passionate nutrition expert and wellness advocate dedicated to helping people live healthier lives.
Throughout her career, Vibhuti has worked with esteemed companies, starting with the health catering firm Jiyo Naturals. Later, she joined the nutritional consultation company Lean Science, where she excelled at helping over 200 clients daily. Her tailored nutrition plans helped
individuals manage lifestyle diseases and improve their blood markers.
In 2018, Vibhuti ventured into the world of Food FMCG startup Lo! Foods. There, she played a crucial role in developing an innovative range of Indian snacks that cater to diverse dietary needs.
Apart from her professional accomplishments, Vibhuti finds joy in engaging with clients through one-on-one consultations. Her heartfelt motto is to positively impact as many lives as possible, inspiring countless individuals to embrace nutrition for their well-being.

Our Associations & Affiliations

Amateur and Professional Competitions

We have participated in numerous state and regional level tournaments winning 45 Medals. One of our trainers was awarded the Best Scientific Boxer Award in one of the Tournament

We also participated and sponsored one professional boxing tournament in 2022.

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