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“Competition in boxing is a sacred thing. The premise is simple. Two men go in the ring, and only one leaves it the winner. That’s the brutal nature of this sport. There can only be one.”

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” Rox Boxing has provided an amazing experience. The trainers are the best. I recommend all to Rox Boxing for the experience and their understanding of the sport. The facility is outstanding with all the necessary equipment to sweat it out and learn the skills. “

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Since 2019, we have participated in 10 State Level Tournaments organized by Karnataka Amateur Boxing Association winning over 28 (gold/silver/bronze) medals. More than 50 boxers have represented the gym in these tournaments. We have trained over 400 boxers in a short span of 3 years.

Dipan Rai our Senior Trainer won the Best Scientific Boxer Award at a State Level Tournament.

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In 2017, I had a senior in my MBA program at IRMA who thought it was a good idea to teach me how to punch a boxing bag. We had one boxing bag in the college gymnasium and I distinctly remember wanting to come back and try a few punches out after the first time. It rarely ever happened that I was able to land more than 3 punches on the bag before getting tired. Boxing was a demanding sport; I was told by my senior. The desire to box stayed dormant until October of 2019. That was when I’d shifted to HSR Layout in Bangalore. On the way home from work until the pandemic started in 2020, I’d often go by a boxing gym called “Rox Boxing Gym”. All the dormant desire to come back and learn rushed back into my head. And like any story, this one’s got its own challenge too. I couldn’t afford the fees then, so it remained just a dream for me to get to the gym one day.

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Aniruddh Nadimpalli

Very professional. Trainers are focused and the coach does an excellent job at guiding and teaching. 👍👍

Emmanuel Peter

Rox Boxing Gym is full of energy and the perfect place to learn boxing. Great vibe with professional and enthusiastic trainers, who push us to the fullest.
It’s not even been a month, and yet I have learnt a lot.

Shreyas Sapare

I had joined for the weekend boxfit course. The trainers are very good and patient and they push you to your limit. Currently taking online classes which are also very good.

Abhishek Vijayan