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Boxing is a skilled sport, which takes years of dedication, an ocean of sweat, bruised bones and cramped muscles to master. The journey of learning the skillset is not easy, but it is worth it! Once you begin to learn boxing at Rox Boxing Gym in Bangalore, you will start experiencing a transformation – both physically and mentally.

In boxing, the fight is not against your opponent, but against your own self – your limiting beliefs.
And every day you push yourself to become a little better than the previous day – it may be improving your stance or holding your guard or punching the jab in the right way. Every day you need to come to the gym, period.

Boxing training is one of the most important and toughest aspects of boxing.

Let us dive into the world of boxing training and give you a glimpse of what happens inside the Rox Boxing Gym, Bangalore.

There are usually six types of boxing training methods :

  • Mirror Training
  • Equipment Training
  • Partner/Coach Drills
  • Counterpunching Drills
  • Situation and isolation sparring
  • Sparring Sessions

What is Mirror Training in boxing?

Mirror Training, as the name suggests, is practicing your boxing stance, movement, techniques and guard in front of the mirror.
In boxing, your mirror is your best friend because you will spend hours learning and mastering the skillset.
Your mirror is absolutely the best tool for self-correction. By working before a mirror, you provide your own feedback about your movement, techniques, and guard. Is as tight, fluid and powerful as need be? You should work everything in front of the mirror — footwork, offense, defense and upper body movement.

Always remember: If it is not right in front of the mirror, it will never be right anywhere else.

It is tempting to take a new technique or a boxing idea and run immediately to the heavy bag or get in front of a sparring partner or in the ring, but the most important piece of equipment you can own is a full-length mirror.

So start mirror training from today!

What is Equipment Training in boxing?

The second step of mastering the boxing skillset is equipment training. After you have practiced mirror training enough, it is time to test your skill and apply them to solid targets. Take the selected technique or tactic and apply it to the training apparatus that will best accomplish the desired result. There is a difference between punching in the air and punching on the boxing bag.

Example of equipment training:

Use the heavy bag for working power, the double-end bag for timing and accuracy, the maize bag for defense, slip-sticks for upper-body mobility and so on.

“The hero and the coward both feel the same thing. But the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs.

It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.”

-Cus D’amato

What is Partner/Coach Drills in boxing?

This important step in the training regime allows you to stand before a live opponent who is either gloved up himself or outfitted with focus mitts. At this point in the game you are not sparring yet, but working with the designated tool or tactic in isolation, preferably in real time. It will give you the first taste of what boxing is like.

One of the most important factors in your journey of mastering the skillset is your Coach. He is the one who guides you at each step of your mastery.

What is Counterpunching drills in boxing?

Inside the boxing ring, you will not be alone. Your opponent who also went through the rigorous training regime will be ready to punch you and knock you out at every available opportunity. Therefore, you must practice counterpunching drills.

When your opponent is attacking you, he will open up his guard and his stance will be vulnerable. And this is your moment to break his defence.

Counter punching is one of the most difficult yet very important skill to conquer because the best time to hit your opponent is when he’s throwing a punch at you.

This training step is an absolutely vital step in transforming the fighter from being only a puncher into a boxer.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said,
‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.”

-Muhammad Ali

What is Situation and Isolation sparring in boxing?

Situation and isolation sparring is where you and your partner agree on ground rules that limit the usual boxing game in order to focus on the technique or tactic to be drilled. You will have to spend hours after hours inside the boxing ring to hone a particular tactic.


“To improve your clinching techniques, you may have your partner spar an inside fight while you attempt to muffle his attack and clinch as he attempts to stave off your clinch. Once the fight moves to the outside, you agree to bring the fight back to the inside range.”

What is Sparring in boxing?

It is no holds barred session. You and your partner are each trying to hone individual games while trying to better each other.
Always remember: There’s a difference between sparring and fighting.
Don’t fight but spar – Fighting will destroy you, demoralize you whereas sparring will develop your skills!
This is next best taste of what it feels like against a real opponent in a real fight.
Want to get better without getting beaten up? Learn how to spar correctly!

And this is it – the six boxing training types, if pursued with dedication and commitment will transform you forever.

Interested to push your physical limitations, transform your mind and body and strive to become a champion?
Welcome to Rox Boxing Gym!

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Location: Bangalore, India.
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