Benefits of Boxing for Women

“I will reach my goals, NOTHING and NOBODY will hold me down, this is my time to shine.”

Traditionally boxing and the training associated with it is perceived as aggressive, making it unattractive to many women. But a growing number of ‘ladies that punch’ are putting on the gloves for a workout that works like no other.

Read on to discover the physical and psychological benefits of boxing.


Boxers must be agile, nimble and swift as they are continuously on the move. They need to be prepared to react to their opponents. This is why warm-up exercises like skipping are preferred by the boxing fraternity.

Whether in a boxing class or a sparring session you keep your feet going, lightly jumping the feet side to side and then positioning them ready to punch or block.

This incessant movement keeps the heart rate elevated which in turn maintains the intensity of the workout at a level that’s great for fat burning. Blend this with the powerful and fast moves of the upper body and the intensity increases, consuming even more calories.

Little wonder a one-hour session requires 600 calories!


The main reason so many women shy away from boxing is actually the main reason they should do it. Punching a punch bag, some pads or even a person in this context is hugely liberating and many women report it relieves the many frustrations that societal norms prevent them from expressing.

Anyone who has seen the sport televised and witnessed the genuine emotions opponents express about one another will realise it is about more than skill, it’s a channelling of emotions through a very physical outlet. So whatever frustrates or upsets you in life, if you take it into a boxing class, you’re likely to leave it there.

Doing this on an on-going basis can also help you cope better with everyday stress and many women who box regularly report an increased level of confidence to assert themselves in situations in which they would have previously remained passive.


So many women want flat stomachs and so they do endless sets of sit ups. In so-doing they neglect their backs and swerve the huge variety of movements of the torso which are required for a neat waist, a defined back and great stability.

Good punching technique comes from the back so as you practise punching your torso will tone all over. Hooks, jabs, crosses and upper cuts all require different torso movements and as you perfect each technique you will feel different muscles in the belly and back building strength and toning tighter.

Successful dodging also requires the torso to lean, dip and turn away from approaching gloves, which adds even more tone. And when you’re training and holding the pads the tension in your core helps you cope with the impact of every punch while tightening your tum.


And it’s not all about the upper body, the constant moving of the legs will work them hard and the specific positions they need to adopt to stabilise the body as you rumble is great for the thighs and glutes, bringing real definition to the legs over time.

To ensure the legs are strong enough to support a powerful punch most boxers, and so most boxing classes, involve static squat and lunges plus ballistic moves like power squats and burpees.


And while the torso and the legs have their part to play, it goes without saying that a regular round in the ring will trim and tone your arms to an amazing extent.

Newcomers to boxing usually feel most fatigue in their arms than anywhere else when they begin, which demonstrates how hard the exercise is for them. And, as with the legs, many will complement training sessions with gloves with weighted sessions in the gym.

Whatever blend you choose we’re confident you’ll be amazed with how trim your arms become within the first couple of months.

Never stop learning.

“I hated every minute of training, But I said, Don’t quit,  suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

-Muhammad Ali

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